segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Fashion tips for short women :)

This post is dedicated to all short women .... like me :)

There are many fashion tips that encourage and help lengthen the silhouette, and can be combined with current trends .... and the own style of each woman.

I chose some of my outfits to illustrate how certain pieces of clothing make me look taller:

- High Heels Nude: wearing  heels certainly make me taller, but if the shoes are the same color of skin or tights give you the feeling of a more slender and long legs.

- Short Skirts and Dresses: short skirts and high waist help keep the body more proportional, giving the feeling of legs being longer for the rest of the body. The pointed shoes also favor the silhouette.

- Vertical Lines: the mullet skirt with cutout V and high waist elongates your legs, especially if it is black or another dark color. Always heard that short women should not wear long skirts, but this is an exception because it has a vertical cut.

Another tip is to use the Sock Bun hairstyle, or hair caught loudly.!

Any other tips? Leave your opinion!

xx, Joana

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