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Liebster Award

I´me so glad because my blog was nominated by stylish Taria-ann Verburgt from the blog Frunettte for the Liebster Award! Thanks Taria-ann!!!

The Liebster Award is an initiative to let smaller slash beginner bloggers shine and It's great to find new bloggers. Each nominated has a challenge: You have to answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you, in my case Taria-ann , and you also have to made up 11 different questions for 11 bloggers that you're going to nominate. This has to be a blog that needs to be noticed in your opinion with less than 200 followers. 

So, my 11 answers are:

1- Why do you started your blog ?
Despite not working in fashion, I've always had a passion for it and I was addicted to fashion magazines and watching runway shows on television. After discovering some simple blogs about daily outfits, I  realised that I could make something about fashion  by my own .....and then I decided to create a blog about my own clothes and my fashion inspirations.

2- Do you prefer fashion or beauty blogging ?

I prefer fashion blogging because I love clothes, I love making new combinations and see what others are wearing . About beauty ....... I confess that I don´t have much ability to put makeup on me..... I'll stick with the basic make up and invest in clothes .

3- Who's making your photos ?

Who takes my pictures is always my beautiful 10 year old daughter . With her I feel super comfortable to shoot, because I know she is my big fan and always wants me to stay well in the photos. But she is also very critical and sincere ... like all children ... and that's good .

4- What's your favorite garment ?

My favorite clothes are skirts and dresses because  it´s more feminine , glamorous and with whom I feel more elegant . I whish I could wear it every day, but unfortunately I can not always wear a skirt at work. Also loooove high heels .

5- Who's your style icon ?

My style icon is Beyonce and Kelly Rowland .... they are always ahead in fashion and have a very feminine style , full of glamor and sensuality .... as I wear if I was a rich girl ... hahaha .

6- What's your future look like in your mind ?

My next look will include a pencil skirt that I just bought , but I'm still thinking about the best way to use it.

7- What do you like the most about blogging ?

It makes me happy!! With my blog I feel closer to the fashion´s world. Fashion is beauty and style .... and I need it in my life . On the other hand, what makes blogging so interesting is to be part of a community that shares the same passion and is extremely rewarding to leave my opinion on any blog, get feedback and know that people are interested in my blog too.

8- What are you definitely going to wear in fall ?

This autumn I'll definitely wear pencil skirts , crop tops with sleeves and I will join some plaid clothes to my wardrobe.

9- Describe your style .

Well.....I 'm just a normal girl who likes trendy clothes. I don´t have an extreme style ...I am more casual with a touch of elegance. I don´t like to mix many colors and patterns, I am always very careful to make combinations of different pieces.

10- What's an absolutely no-go in fashion ?

I can only say that it is absolutely no-go for me ..... I hate clothes rumpled and torn .... despite sometimes being fashionable .... I think the most important in fashion is to dress according to our body , our age , and to feel good about it .

11- Who are your favorite bloggers ?

I visit a lot of fashion blogs  , but I always prefer blogs about personal outfits,  such as wendyslookbook.com...I love her style.

And now... the 11 bloggers who I'm going to nominate for a Liebster Award are:

1- http://adribohocloset.blogs.elle.es/
2- http://afrovaidosas.blogspot.se/
4- http://fashiondiariesbyk.com/
5- http://thestylishmd.com/
6- http://catarinacunha.com/
7- http://fashionattitudebyraych.blogspot.pt/
8- http://www.letirose.com/
9- http://styleandexpect.wordpress.com/

And the 11 questions for the nominees are:

  1. How would you describe your style?
  2. Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
  3. What is your favorite brand?
  4. And your favorite fashion designer?
  5. What are three of your favorite items in your closet?
  6. Which season do you like most?
  7. What´s your favorite trend for this Fall season?
  8. What do you think about fashion communities like lookbook.nu, chictopia or chicisimo? 
  9. What type of a relationship do you have (if any) with other fashion bloggers?
  10. What do you think about follow-to-follow? It is a good way to get new followers?
  11. Does your blog make you happy?

I can´t wait to see your answers :)

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xx, Joana

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